Autocalibrate™ - Automated pH Calibration

ChemIndustrial's Autocalibrate™ system simplifies pH control and neutralization by relieving operators of the need to manually calibrate the pH probe on a regular basis.

This option integrates a ChemIndustrial combination pH probe into a close-coupled valve manifold that also serves as the probe holder. Valves are computer operated in a sequence that drains, rinses and bathes the probe in appropriate reference solutions. The computer routine compensates for changes in probe condition during each calibration and alerts the operator when the probe nears the end of its useful life.

The Autocalibrate™ computer also acts as an intelligent pH transmitter, providing an interlock to pause the process during calibration of single probe systems and coordinating calibration so as to avoid process shutdowns in redundant probe systems.

The Autocalibrate™ system minimizes the volume of the measuring chamber around the pH probe, reducing calibration solution usage. All process contact parts are polypropylene or Viton™, giving wide resistance against chemicals typically encountered in pH control systems.

The ChemIndustrial Autocalibrate™ system is configured to work in almost any process where a pH probe is located in a sampling line rather than in a tank. It is offered as an option on most ChemIndustrial pH control and neutralizing systems, and is also available in configurations to replace pH controllers from most other manufacturers.

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