pH Control Systems

ChemIndustrial's pH control systems automatically maintain the pH of a liquid within a range set by the user. They enable automatic monitoring and control over the pH of baths, rinses, plating solutions and other process liquids. They give manufacturers an accurate, economical alternative to manual pH monitoring and control.

Why buy a pH control system?
Improved product yield is enabled by tighter control over process pH conditions. And investment payback period can be six months or less when replacing manual or semi-automatic pH control techniques.

Why ChemIndustrial?
These systems combine pH sensors, electronics and control algorithms with ChemIndustrial's highly reliable pumped venturi injector technology. The pumped injection loop circulates treatment tank contents, optimizing system response time and often eliminating the need for additional mixing equipment. ChemIndustrial provides pH control system models for industrial, laboratory, municipal and agricultural installations.

Optional redundant sensors, data logging and CSI's exclusive Autocalibrate(tm) feature further minimize operator involvement in pH monitoring and control.

Engineering specifications
ChemIndustrial provides engineering specs for use in specifying pH control systems for adjusting pH in one direction or both directions:

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