Redundant pH Probe Systems

Many pH control and neutralization processes must operate continuously. Some of these processes are so critical that they cannot pause for pH probe calibration or other required probe maintenance operations.

ChemIndustrial's redundant pH probe option provides an elegant way to deal with this problem.

The sensor arrangement in redundant systems consists of dual pH probes in separate probe holders. They are arranged so they both sense the same liquid simultaneously.

In sample streams and other pipeline configurations the probes are mounted in parallel. Valving around the probe holders allows either probe to be removed without shutting down the process.

In vessels, ChemIndustrial uses similar mounting techniques to allow probe removal without shutting down the process.

Redundant probes

Redundant probes can be isolated for independent calibration or other service [Full Size Image]

ChemIndustrial pH control software supports redundant probes with the following capabilities:

The ChemIndustrial pH control computer's ability to interface with multiple pH probes is often useful even when redundant probes aren't needed. For instance, regulations may require a neutralizer discharge stream to be "monitored". This usually requires a second, independent probe in addition to the one used to control neutralization. The ChemIndustrial pH process computer can interface with the separate monitoring probe, allowing its value to be displayed, recorded, retransmitted and/or logged depending on the options selected by the customer.

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